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Getting Started

dnnGlimpse is a simple module which simplifies installing Glimpse into your DotNetNuke installation. The module automatically makes all the necessary web.config changes to enable Glimpse.

Enabling Glimpse

During installation the module creates a new page under the host menu.


The Manage Glimpse page shows the dnnGlimpse module and allows you to control Glimpse directly. Whenever you wish to turn on Glimpse, just navigate to the Manage Glimpse page and click on the Enable Glimpse button. This will store a special 30 day cookie which enables Glimpse.


Using Glimpse

Once Glimpse is enabled, you should see a small icon in the lower right corner of your browser window.


Click the Glimpse icon to show the Glimpse panel.

SECURITY NOTE: Glimpse displays sensitive information and should only be used in a properly secured development environment. While it's use is limited to DotNetNuke host users, if used on a page without SSL, you could be exposing sensitive information to anyone with access to your network traffic.

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